10 Reasons to Shop at Urban Lace

'Tis the season for fashion finds of all kinds. We're pleased to announce that TOOVIA has recently made a designer discovery of its own, and we've collaborated with the local designer for our TOOVIA Tuesday Contest Giveaway. Here's a laundry list of reasons why we can't stop talking about Urban Lace, and why you won't be able to either:

1. Localizing High Fashion

Barbi Touron got the idea for Urban Lace in 2006 in a Portland, Oregon garage. While jewelry orders were once merely decorations for her coffee table, they began piling up to such a degree that there was an overwhelming amount of work for only one person. Barbi then teamed up with Aaron Shear, and the duo made Urban Lace an official brand in 2011. Urban Lace is giving small businesses an impressive reputation and remains a Portland-based business today.

2. Recycled Runway

Urban Lace is an eco-friendly business that's rooted in sustainability. Most of their jewelry pieces are handcrafted from recycled bicycle-tire tubes that are purchased from local cycle stores. The remaining colorful suede pieces are made from the microfiber of recycled fabrics. After crafting, each design is cleaned and coated with an organic formula that creates a long-lasting fabulous finish.

3. Affordability at its Best

Not only does it afford the planet environmental-friendly designs, but Urban Lace also allows its customers to save. Products have a narrow price range - from only $24.99 to $34.99. The only exception to this cost-effective couture is $89.99 for a custom creation by Barbi herself. Even its most expensive piece can be afforded by any customer who willfully interrupts their daily Starbucks run for only two and half weeks. You can do it; Keurig and Urban Lace believe in you.

4. Because "One Size Fits All" is Overrated

Nothing is more annoying than a bracelet that fits like a bangle. Anyone with slightly small wrists (or the majority of females) can testify that it's frustrating to wear any bracelet that sloppily slips and slides every which way until we finally just take it off and throw it in our purses with the rest of our forgotten bracelet collection. Urban Lace not only provides a size selection that ranges from extra small to extra large, but the brand also offers a resourceful measurement guide. An additional sizing tip is also included in the sizing chart to help inform customers how an Urban Lace bracelet should actually fit. These meticulous measurements have saved all Urban Lace bracelets from purse perdition, so you'll have one fewer bracelet buried under coupons and tangled in straw wrappers.

5. Your Purchase is Philanthropic

Between relieving landfills of recyclable rubber and fusing affordability with fashion, we had a hard time believing Barbi and Aaron could be any more of a "do-good" duo. Well, we were wrong. It turns out that three percent of the brand's yearly profits are donated to a "go green" group to fund education and research. Urban Lace supports organizations like Sisters of the Road, Global Green, and Seeds of Opportunity.

6. The Ultimate Statement Piece

Sometimes all a look needs is a single accessory, and Urban Lace can help with that. Whether it's a pop of color or an intricate design, Urban Lace has the missing piece to couture cohesiveness. Each accessory is bold enough to fill in the bare spaces and places in any outfit. Urban Lace makes a statement on its own and is the epitome of "less is more."

7. Neutrality

If your outfit came straight from a Goodwill rack, then a polished up-do and pair of Urban Lace "Polaris" earrings may take your look from "already used" to "timelessly vintage." On the other hand, if you're decked out in camo pants and flip-flops, then the edgy Urban Lace "Siren" bracelet would be ever-so Avril Lavigne of you. Complementary to any and all closet collections, Urban Lace is the Switzerland of accessories.

8. Toys for Boys

Although they offer only a few masculine pieces, Urban Lace menswear is a triumph of style over selection. Male jewelry is often a head-on-the-nail hit or a way-off miss on the masculine scale, but Urban Lace has made its selection as macho as menswear accessories get. So let's stop beating around the bush here. These bracelets are Hawt. Yes, with a capital "H," a drawn out "aw" and a crisp "t." Order one for your boyfriend ASAP.

9. Costume Couture

It's nearly October, which means All Hallow's Eve is practically around the corner (and no, 31 days is never considered "getting ahead of yourself" in Halloween preparation terms). Whether you're searching for your eared headband, or you're already mailing an RSVP to this year's masquerade, Urban Lace has an charmingly unique accessory that'll revamp any classic costume. The Urban Lace "Dusk" mask is only $29.99 and will fit snugger than any other similarly-priced, plastic piece you'll find at Party City this season. If you ask us, winged eyeliner has never looked better.

10. Retro Retail '90s Babies Have Been Begging For

Rumor has it that Urban Lace produces neckwear, too. And not just any necklaces - chokers. Just when we thought the trend was gone for good, Urban Lace renewed our hope and retired elastic with its chic choker collection. #TBT much?

Kelsey Roadruck, TOOVIA



Urban Lace Eco Friendly Accessories

Forgotten refuse springs to life as gorgeous treasure at the hands of the talented artists behind Urban Lace Jewelry.


At Urban Lace Jewelry, they’re dedicated to creating couture jewelry from surprising resources for pieces that are on the cutting edge of fashion and the eco-conscious movement. Whether it’s their colorful suede alternatives or their intriguing use of repurposed bicycle inner tubing, it’s clear they’ve created a vibrant niche within the jewelry market that’s picking up speed.

Each year countless tires are thrown into landfills, waiting for a chance at a new beginning. Urban Lace has answered their call, utilizing the inner tube as a brand new medium for intricately hand-cut bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more that are truly eye-catching.’[ Every unique design starts as just an inner tube and a small pair of scissors, and ends in a finely detailed piece that is waterproof and durable while remaining chic and intriguing.

Inspired by the undulating waves of the open ocean and the vast beauty that lies beneath, the Siren Bracelet sends out its enticing call to all who long to wear the cool calm of the open sea. For those who delight in surprises and wonders, the Prism Bracelet is one they’ll adore thanks to its wondrous pattern that’s reminiscent of the refracted lights found within a Kaleidoscope. Each of these bracelets is crafted from inner tube which is then coated in their proprietary organic pant-based formula to give it that beautiful luster while retaining its soft texture and appearance.

For those who long to accessorize with a pop of glorious color, Urban Lace has searched high and low for a material that can deliver while meeting their standards of sustainability. Their solution was the discovery of Ultrasuede, an innovative fabric made from 100% recycled ultra-micro fiber. Their Reflection Bracelet features an elegant design that is imbued with the fabric’s sensual feel and is available in a multitude of dazzling hues.

After working on an art installation piece utilizing delicately filigreed inner tube, fiber artist Barbi Touron realized the beauty and allure of such a unique material could be transformed into wearable works of art with a conscious. In 2011, Touron partnered with Aaron Shear and Urban Lace was officially born. At Urban Lace, their desire is to make it possible for anyone to indulge in glamorous accessories while working towards a more sustainable world. - GEV Magazine

 At Urban Lace Jewelry, they’re dedicated to creating couture jewelry from surprising resources for pieces that are on the cutting edge of fashion and the eco-conscious movement. Whether it’s their colorful suede alternatives or their intriguing use of repurposed bicycle inner tubing, it’s clear they’ve created a vibrant niche within the jewelry market that’s picking up speed.  Each year countless tires are thrown into landfills, waiting for a chance at a new beginning.Urban Lace has answered their call, utilizing the inner tube as a brand new medium for intricately hand-cut bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more that are truly eye-catching.’[ Every unique design starts as just an inner tube and a small pair of scissors, and ends in a finely detailed piece that is waterproof and durable while remaining chic and intriguing. - Ultimate Skin Care & Beaute Report


 Introducing Urban Lace, and their line of rugged yet refined jewellery made from recycled bike tubes. These chic cuffs and masks (yep, we said masks) are hand crafted in Portland, Oregon and are a unique piece to compliment any style. It's modern jewellery for the urban jungle! - Ethical Ocean


Making Fashion Eco friendly with Urban Lace !

Urban Lace is an eco friendly jewelry company made for men and women. Their main focus is to promote a fashion forward jewelry collection with the idea of being eco friendly still in mind. Using recycled materials to manufacture their unique collection of jewelry, Urban Lace is a fashion trending collection, promoting eco friendly awareness in a creative way.

-Newmark Showroom


Urban Lace Jewelry: Elegant Design with the Plant in Mind

Urban Lace Jewelry creates wearable elegant designs that keep the planet in mind. All of their wares are upcycled from inner tubes  otherwise destined for the landfill. A proprietary plant-based formula, developed by the company, is applied post production to each of their accessories, giving them their long-lasting luster while helping them maintain a smooth texture. The fashion forward Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings are equally celebrated by bicycle enthusiasts and the sustainably conscientious fashionista. - Eco Lux Life


Go Green,

Go Urban Lace

Introducing WTF editor’s HOT PICK = Urban Lace Jewelry

Lacy, black, and alluring to the human eyes, these unique eco-friendly designer jewelry are created from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from bike shops. Barbi Touron, the lead designer for Urban Lace, created these elegant design with the planet in mind.

Urban Lace Jewelry is handcrafted, each piece is unique and custom made. Simply a thumbs up by WTF! Cheers!

  - Wordrobe.Trend.Fashion


Artisan Up-Cycled Jewelry:
The Everything Old Is New Again Fashion Trend


You know what they say: One person's trash is another person's treasure. In recent years, artists working on the edge have been busy transforming discarded materials into wearable art. Through exquisite attention to detail, these artisans are able to make finely crafted pieces coveted by museum curators, celebrity stylists and private collectors alike. But these collector's items aren't just interesting to look at; they are also conversation pieces that invite people to think -- and debate -- the bigger ideas of our consumer, throw-away culture. "Metamorphosis" jewelry is showing up on Hollywood A-listers like Juliette Lewis, Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Alba, and hipster green guys like Stephen Tyler, Steph Jones and John Leguizmo -- a great gift for the earth-conscious, style-conscious people on your list.


Every year, thousands of bicycle inner tubes wind up in landfills -- the lucky ones get reborn into wearable art by design team Aaron Shear and Barbi Touron. Tubes are the "perfect material for an artist who loves the unconventional," Barbi says. To keep the smooth, soft texture and luster, each one is carefully washed and coated in a special organic, plant-based formula. Bonus: Each year, 3 percent of proceeds are donated to an earth-friendly nonprofit. 

-Zoe Helene - Huff Post Green


Leave the doilies at your grandma's house; these lace pieces are built for the road. Barbi Touron and Aaron Shear give intricate lacework an industrial edge with their bold bracelets made from inner tubes collected from bike shops around Portland, Oregon. Each salvaged strip of material is carefully washed and coated in an organic plant-based formula, which gives each accessory a supple texture and a lasting luster. 

The couple draws their inspiration from a range of different objects—from kaleidoscopic reflections to impressive trussed bridges—and as a result, each unique piece possesses a distinct attitude that's fit to complement any wearer's individual style; while one bracelet may evoke the starkness of a tribal tattoo, another may suggest the delicacy of butterfly wing. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.

 - Uncommon Goods 


Designers (and entrepreneurs) Barbi Touron and Aaron Shear came up with an inventive and fashionable way to recycle of all things bicycle inner tubes.


Rather than let them languish (for centuries) in some land fill, the Portland, Oregon-based pair turn them into cool, eco-friendly jewelry. They take the rubber, which is durable, pliable and waterproof, and cut it into lace-like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, even stylized masks. Each piece of their Urban Lace collection is treated with their own organic, plant-based formula that leaves a lasting luster and keeps the soft, smooth texture.


A perfect example: this Reflections bracelet that’s based upon a design inspired by the reflection of the mirrored images found inside a kaleidoscope. Others are inspired by architecture and Neo-Victorian designs.  Jeff Prine – Acesssories Magazine



Designers Aaron Shear and Barbi Touron are totally in their wheelhouse while scouring local bike shops for discarded inner tubes. These repurposing fiends make upcycled magic by turning rubber scraps into outstanding accessories. Beautiful and sustainable—leave others in your tracks with Urban Lace’s tire attire. - Fab.com



Oregon Artist Turns Flat

Tires into Fashion

An Oregon-based artist is turning old bicycle inner tubes into wearable art and extending the life of the rubber in a fashion-forward way.

Urban Lace is a jewelry line that features earrings, bracelets, necklaces and masks made from recycled inner tubes. Barbi Touron, the lead designer for Urban Lace and an avid bike rider, began making the jewelry in 2006. She got the idea of reusing the rubber from a friend, who was using old tubes as bungee cord

“I’m a fiber artist and a sculptor,” she said. “To me, it was just another fabric.”

The rubber, which can take several decades to decompose in a landfill, is strong, flexible and waterproof and when Touron’s through with it, it’s fashionable, too. Pieces in the line retail online for $30 to $50.

The idea of  recycling bike inner tubes is nothing new. The rubber has been transformed into an array of items including dog collarsbackpacksbelts and more.

Touron started out selling the jewelry to family and friends and showcasing it at local craft fairs. She wasn’t sure if the recycled art would appeal to the mainstream.

“I didn’t even know what I had until some of my friends saw them and said, ‘You’ve really got something here,’” she said.

In 2011, Touron hired fellow designer Aaron Shear. The two design and manufacture all of the jewelry themselves. They gather the tubes from local .“We live downtown and we have a dolly that we go and collect them with,” Touron said.


Eventually, Touron hopes to have a central drop off spot where the tubes can be collected.

For the self-proclaimed nature lover and longtime artist, Urban Lace is the perfect blend of Touron’s two passions.

For the fashion-hungry environmentalist, it’s just as her slogan says: ‘Elegant design with the planet in mind.’

Kelsey Perry, Earth911



For Eco friendly accessories Urban Lace makes masks, bracelets and necklaces from recycled bicycle inner tubes. Sounds crude, but these sweet and delicate accessories are just the opposite. An absolute must for any night out.

-Wear magazine



O what do old bike parts and Jewelry have to do with each other? Well for the purpose of this story, just about everything as a matter of fact.

These little beauties are hand crafted by designers Barbi Touron and Aaron Shear, and are re-born from discarded inner tubes of bicycles. Because thousands, (if not hundreds of thousands we think) of inner tubes, are thrown into landfill each year in the US alone, Barbi and Aaron have dedicated themselves to reducing the amount of this slow to decompose material, by turning it into chic, wearable, art. – Eco Friendly Fashion



Turning discarded bicycle inner tubes into wearable works of art is the impetus behind the unique and original designs from Urban Lace Jewelry.

Artfully combining a modern edge with a delicate design, each handcrafted, custom-made bracelet, necklace, earring or mask is a study in contrasts. Durable and beautiful, all of the products are coated in an organic plant-based formula that creates a lasting luster, and allows each piece to retain its soft texture and smooth appearance. And, with no piece costing more than $50 ($49.99 to be exact), they are an economical way to accessorize! – White Apricot



This handcrafted recycled bicycle inner tube mask brings mystery to a new level. Donning this mask brings out the unlimited possibilities of the coming night. – LovingEco



Interview with Flawless magazine


This week we get an exclusive insight into the inspiration that goes behind eco friendly designer jewelry Urban Lace Jewelry. Urban Lace creates unique one-of-a-kind high fashion jewelry and is the brainchild of the wonderfully talented and creative Barbi Touron in collaboration with Aaron Shear.


As a fiber artist and designer who specialize in using recycled materials, I am always looking for new and easily accessible materials to use. Living in a city likePortland, which is full of cyclists, we are never short on blown out bike tubes. I had gathered quite the pile in no time back in the day I was quite the amateur cyclist and blowing tubes was a specialty of mine.

While living inCaliforniaI had a housemate who used them as bungees on the back of her bike, in the house and for just about everything. After remembering this, this box of broken rubber tubes began to have purpose. I found bicycle inner tubes to be soft, durable, stretchy and easy to shape, making it the perfect material for an artist who loves the unconventional.

My first project incorporating recycled bicycle tubes was in 2006. I was creating a 6 foot chandelier with 3 tiers containing a hundred or more strips of reused inner tubes; each strip was unique and hand cut to resemble Evernia prunastri or Oak Moss, a type of lichen found in thePacific Northwest. This kind of lichen tends to be my muse in just about every kind of art I do. I love the connectivity of it, each part of it is perfectly imperfect, the way its veins stretch out with such quiet beauty and how no two are alike. When I am creating a piece for a customer I try to get as close to this as possible. Each piece is free form, making them unique and organic. This makes our jewelry stand out; each piece is its own piece of art.

I was sitting in my downstairs garage studio with my dear friend LeFeu when she looked at the chandelier and said “I want to wear it”. So I decided why not. I took her wrist and laid one of the pieces over it. It looked beautiful, almost like a tattoo. So I started developing the same technique I used for the sculpture to make bracelets. Since then I have been refining and developing this technique.

After that I started my line of jewelry with bracelets but continued to expand to chokers, earrings and masks. At first I made pieces for friends and family and it suddenly seemed that I may be on to something. I started selling at fairs and had a shop on Etsy. In 2009 I met Aaron Shear, we collaborated well together and when I decided that I wanted to expand my business he was the perfect fit. We coined the name Urban Lace and started expanding our web presence. In September 2011 we launched the Urban Lace website. We started selling at boutiques inPortlandand now sell all over the world. We have been busy developing new designs and we are committed to making our company grow.- Flawless magazine



"These unique and eye-catching bracelets by Urban Lace Jewelry are perfect for the bad-girl within. Made from recycled bicycle inner tubes and accented with jewel-toned gems, these statement pieces are more pretty than punk. Choose from a variety of styles to match your eco-chick’s closet."-

Mary Mazzoni ,Earth911



"I love how Urban Lace Jewelry has taken something that would usually be tossed into the trash and gives it new life as something fantastic. The jewelry would look great paired with a cocktail dress this holiday season or dressed down with your jeans and tee. Either way, you will have a piece of jewelry that will have a high impact on everyone you meet and a low-impact on the environment!" - Jennie Lyon, Sweet Greens



"This jewelry is absolutely stunning and eco-friendly, too ~ each piece is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes... How cool is that?"-  Catherine Critton, Couture Carrie-




“Making jewelry out of recycled bicycle tire tubes needs a wonderfully ornate imagination. This may kick off a new fashion among fashionable girls all over the world.” -MoniCa Singh, I’m Fashionistas



“Joining the growing army of amazing eco-designers hailing from Portland, OR - Urban Lace  specializes in making unique eco-friendly designer jewelry. Their one of a kind pieces are created from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from local bike shops. Just in time for Halloween, Urban Lace has elegant and mysterious masks that would be the perfect complement to your batgirl costume. Be sure to snatch one up before they are all gone.” –Vegan Chic



“Mysterious masks are always one of the most fun parts of Halloween, and we’re digging these Eco-friendly ones from Urban Lace Made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, these beauties are both chic and sensible.” Chrissy Callahan – She Knows



“We love Urban Lace Jewelry for so many reasons. Not only is the jewelry delicate, distinct and perfect for a cocktail party, but it also takes eco-friendly accessories to a whole new level.”Jenny Inglee, Take Part



“You won’t find Urban Lace at fashion week. Yet.

 But we wanted to introduce high-fashion, eco-friendly Urban Lace to you anyway, because it’s cool.” –Pablo Avion, FashionWeek.LA



“What a great idea – I love seeing the things that people come up with when they re-purpose what would otherwise be trash/recycling. The jewelry/accessories coming from Urban Lace have to be some of the more creative items I’ve seen created out of an old bike tube.”  - Culture Cycles



“When everyone has switched into the mode of going green, it seems like there’s an alternate color to sport with the same earth-saving benefits, and that’s black recycled bicycle inner tube transformations from Urban Lace Jewelry.

Head designer Barbi Touron and partner Aaron Shear teamed up to created these salvaged pieces to put use to the tons of inner tubes thrown into landfills each year, while taking advantage of their unique flexibility and durability. Urban Lace Jewelry not only recycles resources but supports various charities as well, making this the most do-good glam accessory to elegantly please your eco conscience.” - Regan Canie, Trend Hunter



“I take pleasure in introducing Urban Lace Jewelry to you. Their slogan, we create elegant design with planet in mind is accurate as well as poetic. Urban Lace Jewelry is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from local bike shops. This means next to no transportation pollution and no new parts pollution are produced when creating these cool earrings, bracelets, necklaces and masks.

My favorite item of the collection is the bracelet with the mask a mere second after. I love the way the bracelet rests on my skin.  It weighs nothing, looks edgy and as seen in the picture, the stenciled accessory sits flatly against your wrist. This flat stance keeps your wrist looking long and doesn't make your hand look chubby. I mention this because most large bracelets will protrude from your wrist and make the hand and wrist area look big. Another sweet treat, there is no rubber smell attached to it, in case you were wondering.”

- Vanessa Valiente, V-Style 



 “Despite their delicate appearance, Urban Lace's filigreed cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and masks (yes, masks) are cut from a material we don't usually associate with finery: bicycle tires. Handcrafted from defunct inner tubes, each piece juxtaposes street style with feminine chic while taking the pressure off our overburdened landfills. Plus, what could make a better gift for the girl who kicks everyone's tuckus in a bike race—while wearing a skirt, no less?”- Yuka Yoneda, Ecouterre



 “With its line of elegant-yet-rugged jewelry, a Portland-based company is giving new meaning to the term ‘cycle chic.’ Urban Lace (previously known as Inner Beauty) has a full line of filigreed cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and masks (yes, masks), all made from recycled bicycle inner tubes from. The company, which was founded by designer Barbi Touron, who started cutting up inner tubes in her garage to make jewelry back in 2006, now produces highly durable jewelry that not only looks chic, but also diverts old bike tubes from the landfill. Click through to see Urban Lace’s full line of rubber creations!” - Mark Boyer, Inhabitat




 “How do you toughen up fall’s decidedly sweet, ladylike looks? With a delicate-yet-bold filigreed cuff from Portland-based Urban Lace, that’s how. The eco friendly jewelry line adds a little oomph to your style that’s as unexpected as the material it’s made from – recycled bicycle inner tubes gathered from local bike shops.”- Rowena Ritchie, Ecosalon


 “The jewelry itself is reminiscent of lace, but it also feels more organic, as if made by the same godly hand that created the wings of butterflies or the veins running through a delicate flower. Ms. Touron is mostly inspired by “organic patterns found in nature. Mostly, I’m drawn to creating things that have a great deal of repetition. I find the creative process to be quite meditative. Through this process of repetition , I can create texture, depth and balance.” To achieve this effect, Ms. Touron says each piece is cut free form.  Seemingly fragile, these items are far from it, being made from bicycle rubber that is durable. These pieces are perfect for the girl on the go!” -  Micheal Cavazos, My City Designers